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Procedures » Body ProceduresBichectomy or Buccal Fat Reduction

Buccal Fat Reduction is a procedure for reducing “puffy” cheeks, sometimes referred to as “Chipmunk cheeks”, that can contribute to a very rounded facial appearance.  This is accomplished by removal of buccal fat pad tissue, one of the layers of tissue in the cheeks.

By doing this, it’s possible to get a more defined, younger look, or to reduce the prominence of the cheeks to give the face a more contoured and balanced look.

How The Procedure Works

The procedure may be performed under either local anesthesia or IV sedation.  As a stand-alone procedure, the buccal fat pad can be accessed through the inside of the cheek.  If a lifting procedure is being performed, the buccal fat pad may be accessed through that incision.   The desired amount of tissue is removed from the pad to achieve the reduction, and then the remainder of the pad is replaced. The incision is then sutured and the process is complete.


Downtime can be minimal from a few days of swelling.


After the surgery, you will see a change in cheek structure and a more balanced look to your face. You may also notice that your face looks younger and more defined. Results may take about 3 months to be seen.

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