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Procedures » Body ProceduresBrazilian Butt Lift

Dr. Rajae Janho is "The Brazilian Butt Lift Doctor". The famous Brazilian Butt Lift performed in Atlanta at Bella Forma Cosmetic Surgery Center.

Brazilian Butt Lift surgery or Buttock augmentation is a two step procedure sculpturing and filling technique that enhances the roundedness and lift appearance of the butt. First, Liposuction is performed around the gluteal area to remove fat while improving form and contour. A procedure called Lipo-V-plasty of the sacral area is sometimes used to sculpt the lower back further enhancing the desired definition of the gluteus. The second part of the procedure involves processing and transferring the fat removed from liposuction to the gluteus giving the desired projection and lift of the patient. In order to achieve optimum results from the Brazilian Butt Lift it is best achieved in conjunction with a liposculpting of the body to achieve a homogenous appearance.

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About Brazilian Butt Lift › Brazilian Butt Lift Atlanta uses a combination of liposuction and fat grafting to enlarge and reshape the buttocks.
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