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Labiaplasty Atlanta procedure reduces and reshapes labia minora (inner lips) that are stretched out or asymmetrical. Through the removal and repositioning of excess tissue and skin, the labia minora is reduced, but the natural contours, colors, and sensations are preserved. Labiaplasty can enhance the appearance of the outer vagina and give women more confidence and self esteem.

Atlanta Labiaplasty can refer to one of the following procedures:

Labia Minora

The labia minora are the inner lips of the labia. The standard labial rejuvenation approach utilizes the removal of leading edge of the labia, shortening and reducing the labia minora with virtually no visible scarring.

Labia Majora

Labiaplasty for the outer lips (labia majora) can include liposuction or surgical incision. Both methods are used to make the labia appear less puffy. Drooping or sagging of the labia majora can be corrected by skin removal, plumped with fat injections, or dermal fillers.

Mons Pubis

The mons pubis is the area above the pubic bone. After weight gain or pregnancy it is not uncommon for a woman to report dissatisfaction with a sagging or bulging mons pubis. Liposuction of this area makes for a flatter mons pubis.

Labiaplasty is not to be confused with vaginoplasty (vaginal rejuvenation). Labiaplasty concerns the outside vaginal lips for mostly aesthetic purposes, while vaginoplasty refers to modifying the vagina or reducing the size or tightening the vaginal opening.

About Labiaplasty › Labiaplasty is performed in Atlanta and can enhance the appearance of the outer vagina in order to give women more confidence in their body.
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